A dream that took shape over 50 years ago, back in 1958 when Vincenzo, owner and landlord of Sa Festa, created the folkloric group Kalagonis, with the will and the desire to bring the sights and sounds and the flavours of his beautiful land, Sardinia, to national and international attention. Since then, Sa Festa has entranced and captivated many visitors: the rich historical atmosphere, tradition and aromas, the music and dances of this ancient island performed by dancers dressed in traditional Sardinian costume, a shaded courtyard surrounded by lush green myrtle trees, together with our famous Sardinian hospitality and cuisine, make every moment spent in Sa Festa unforgettable.

Sa Festa offers the opportunity to savour an array of dishes, designed to celebrate and promote the traditional Sardinian cuisine, both al fresco in the courtyard or inside in an ancient wine cellar, whose warm, cosy and mysterious atmosphere is the ideal setting to enjoy special and important occasions.