Sa Festa is located in the historic centre of Maracalagonis, a sleepy town made up of narrow alleyways, just 12 km northwest of Cagliari. Framed by the Sette Fratelli, Maracalagonis has been inhabited since ancient times, as evidenced by the presence of the ruins of Nuraghi, a necropolis, and the village of Cannesisa.The name probably derives from the Phoenician hamara, in Sardinian mara, which means marsh, or from the Phoenician magar, which means cave or farm. Maracalagonis boasts a string of beautiful beaches, in the coastal areas of Geremeas, Baccu Mandara and Torre delle Stelle. The region is renowned for the craftsmanship of sweets, of basket weaving, and for the making of Sardinian costumes and chairs. Our products, all free range and organic, are sourced only from local producer or from our own vegetable gardens, which are located just outside Maracalagonis.

Sa Festa is the ideal location to enjoy special moments with family and friends. The beautifully shaded courtyard surrounded by lush green myrtle trees lends itself to accommodating as many as 400 people for a host of events. The cellar, furnished with old wooden tables in front of big oak casks, can accommodate smaller events of up to 90  people , both in summer and winter. The intimate, charming and warm atmosphere can be a wonderful location for Christmas parties, or joyous family occasions such as birthdays, graduations, weddings and christenings. The layout of the tables and the menu will be carefully planned together with you, and tailored according to the event itself (business or pleasure) to your personal preferences and needs.